The idea of a Robo investment is simple.

Automatic Rebalancing Investments

Keep expenses low in a portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds with automatic rebalancing through the use of a computer program.

Investopedia defines a robo-advisor (robo-adviser) as an online wealth management service that provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio management advice without the use of human financial planners.  As a rookie financial advisor with a large wealth management firm in 1995, I remember rumblings of how the discount brokerage firms were going to put the large scale investment advisory firms out of business. 

While there has been a significant transformation towards index funds, high net worth investors still want a skilled human to help guide them with most facets of their financial health.

What if you could have your cake (leverage the cost efficiencies of robo technology), and eat it too (have a human advisor who cares about your financial well being)?  The key to the success of this relationship from a cost/ benefit standpoint is transparency. Ask your advisor direct questions about fees and what you can expect to receive in return for those costs.

Has your advisor leveraged technology to help drive costs down while at the same time providing premium service? Find out what the sweet spot is.


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