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At Mink Wealth Management, financial planning is part of a family legacy. Managing Director Brandon Mink has spent the past 20+ years developing and managing financial strategies for our clients, and it’s a skill he’s been honing since childhood. From an early age, Brandon learned the value of saving from his immigrant grandparents, whose own financial management skills allowed them to become successful in the stock-market.

As a struggling seamstress and mechanic, Brandon’s grandparents saved their pennies, living below their means in order to save for a secure retirement and to help provide an education for their children and grandchildren. His grandfather used the local race track as a platform for learning about stock analytics. Many of his retirement days were spent meticulously inspecting
the ability of the horses to win place or show. He applied a similar quantitative skill set to a disciplined stock selection process.

His attention to detail was a large part of his success, and it’s a trait that Brandon now applies to his own wealth management practice.

Brandon Mink’s Grandparents, 1974

Even now, after more than 20 years of personal and professional experience in the business, Brandon still attributes his ultimate success to the investment knowledge he learned from his grandparents, who never missed an opportunity to teach him about the value of financial planning. In fact, it was a life lesson from his grandmother that ultimately led him to a career in wealth management.

Brandon vividly recalls advice he received from his grandmother after earning $20 for mowing a neighbor’s lawn. As he anxiously made plans to purchase a new video game, she offered up her own insight: “If you invest this $20, in 5 years you’ll be able to buy 2 video games.” That’s all Brandon needed to hear. He quickly took an interest in the rewards that come from proper saving, and from then on he could frequently be found reading The Wall Street Journal during his free time. Pursuing a career in wealth management was a natural transition for Brandon, and it’s a position he now uses to honor the legacy of his grandparents.