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Your retirement plan is threatened by two things: inflation and longevity. If your investments are under-performing they may trail behind the inflation rate. In addition, a longer-than-expected retirement could result in outliving your savings. As experienced Vienna financial advisers, we can help you plan for these situations, and more, making sure that your investment portfolio is designed to meet your needs.

At Mink Wealth Management, our carefully-crafted team shares over a century of collective experience in the industry. Our Managing Director has led his clients through bull and bear markets and is a CRPC®. Before arriving at the best investment approach for you, our team scours hundreds of opportunities and various avenues for investment. Additionally, we maintain open communication with you throughout the entire process so that we are continually centered and focused on your needs and so that you are informed on the status of your investments.

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Determining Your Investment Strategy

As skilled investment management advisers in Vienna, we can help you make progress towards your financial goals. We evaluate your individual needs and circumstances to create a strategy that will best benefit you and your loved ones.

In determining your investment strategy, we discuss the following:

  • Investment History
  • Investment Experience
  • Short & Long-Term Needs
  • Retirement Horizon
  • Level of Risk (that you are comfortable with)

This conversation enables us to help define your investment goals and clarify your objectives. We then customize an investment portfolio that will work to meet those objectives.

Investments should not remain stagnant. Our team proactively addresses events or changes in your circumstances that could affect you financially. We regularly meet with you in order to modify your portfolio when necessary and are available to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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