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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The myths and facts surrounding veganism and the meat industry.
  • Why Vegetarian Investing does not have to equate to poor investment performance.
  • Where to look for cruelty-free companies you can invest in.

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Advanced Technology

  • Mobile accessibility to view your money
  • Secure digital storage of all your financial documents, including trusts, wills, and other legal agreements.

Competitive, transparent fee structure

  • Flat-fee structure, from the first dollar to the last (based on asset size).  No deceptive tiered systems. Clarity and transparency with you from the start.

An objective investment planning process, with integrated portfolio management

  • Communion of 21st century, cutting-edge technology, and the combined minds of experienced investment professionals.
  • Replacing the “gut” investment decision process with a time-tested disciplined approach offering diversification and tax efficiency well beyond basic indexing.

We Screen & Eliminate the Following Industries:

  • Animal Testing (including biotech & pharma)
  • Animals as Entertainment
  • Companies with significant environmental issues
  • Factory farming
  • Weapons/Firearms
  • Resource-extraction Industries (oil and gas, mining, timber)
  • Tobacco

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